Port Narrow -Captains Blend

Port Narrow

Many legends surround the secret rum smuggling port of Port Narrow, hidden on one of the countless unnamed islands in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

Every sailor of the sworn smugglers’ and traders’ guild knows at least one story about the riches of the legendary narrow harbor.
Port Narrow, they say, has existed for centuries. For many generations, it had made a name for itself as the most important transshipment point for only the noblest and rarest trade goods of the Old and New Worlds.

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It is also the safest of all havens for smugglers and for merchants disgraced by the Crown.
Port Narrow is the place where no questions are asked. This port is perfect for holding out with valuable cargo for as long as necessary.

Legends say that Port Narrow was originally founded by the clan of Narrowbelts, the notorious conquerors of the Seven Seas. It served them as a refuge and hiding place from the soldiers of the crown after their successful raids.

Whether the legends are true or merely sprung from Captain Narrowbelt’s pen is unclear. The fact is that no one trades in the port without the captain personally knowing about it and being involved.

Port Narrow achieved special popularity over the years as the transshipment point for rum from all over the world. Everywhere in the harbor, so the story goes, barrels stood, barrels lay, and barrels flew from ship to ship on cranes.

The selection of rare, particularly tasty drops, it is agreed, should be almost infinite due to the strategically perfect location in the middle of the Caribbean.

If a new tasty rum appears somewhere, it doesn’t take long for the first voices to loudly assume that a drop of such quality could only come from Port Narrow.