Port Narrow -Captains Blend

Port Narrow – Captain´s Blend

This tasty sweet blend reaches you via the notorious, secret rum smuggling port of Port Narrow, located on one of the countless, nameless islands in the middle of the Caribbean.

Many years had been spent by the royal master blender, the best in his field, in the production of a particularly noble drop.

It was to be his life’s work and thus the most precious of all gifts at the wedding of Her Majesty the Queen. The festive drink that the royal couple and their entourage were to enjoy at the wedding celebration that was soon to take place and that everyone was to remember for years to come.

For this purpose, the best rum in the world had been just good enough for him. It matured in oak barrels carefully selected by him and was then refined in hand-selected sherry and port wine barrels.

But after the uniquely tasty Rum Spirits had reached its full maturity in time for the festival, the fate around the life’s work of the Master Blender took its course:

In order for the precious barrels to arrive in the royal palace garden, they had to make their last dangerous sea voyage across the Caribbean Sea, past the pirates who regularly waylaid the royal fleet.

As a precautionary measure, the master blender had tried an ingenious ruse to keep the buccaneers away:

He had the barrels carefully covered with grapes floating on top and had the queen’s messengers announce to the winds that the annual grape harvest from the colonies was on its way to the palace.

He then had his rum barrels labeled “Grape Harvest” and brought them aboard his ships without much fuss.
With the escort of a few ships from the royal fleet, he set off loaded in this way in the direction of the palace.

A daring plan of deception, but one that did not work out in the end:
The members of the Brotherhood of the Port Narrow Executive (the P.N.X.) live, rumor has it, unrecognized among the people. Thanks to their tightly woven network of loyal spies, no secret is safe from them and their leader, the legendary Captain Narrowbelt.

During a daring raid, an ambush on the few escort ships of the royal fleet, the P.N.X. captured most of the alleged grape barrels.

Before the Crown could react and send reinforcements, the P.N.X. had already loaded its booty onto its own ships, decanted the valuable contents of the barrels into glass jars, and smuggled them past Her Majesty’s spies to all corners of the world via its home port of Port Narrow.