Zeichen der Port Narrow Exekutive in Weiß

The Port Narrow Executive – P.N.X.

The stories about the secret trading place and safe haven “Port Narrow”, which are gladly told among the sailors after a few jugs of ron in the harbor pubs, are legendary.

Yet hardly any of the sailors present have ever seen the island or harbor with their own eyes, let alone entered it. Those who have are either smart enough not to brag about it in public or dead.

Zeichen der Port Narrow Exekutive in Weiß
Port Narrow: Weiter Blick auf die versteckte Hafeneinfahrt, von der Seeseite aus

There were countless spies who were repeatedly sent to find the island on behalf of various crowns, adventurous sailors who stumbled upon it by chance, and captains who, despite all the risk, sensed a good deal and loudly proclaimed their intention to locate Port Narrow.

Zeichen der Port Narrow Exekutive in Weiß
All of them died within a very short time, always from mysterious snakebites, as the story goes.

Only selected confidants and companions of Captain Narrowbelt have the exact coordinates of the island. They form the sworn brotherhood of the “Port Narrow Executive” (P.N.X.).

Only members of the P.N.X. are also in possession of a hand-copied nautical chart, which enables them to circumnavigate the island’s dangerous reefs, cliffs and fortifications and reach the hidden harbor unharmed.

Zeichen der Port Narrow Exekutive in Weiß

The brotherhood around Captain Narrowbelt, it is said, guarded the secrets of the island and took care of every single soul that wanted to approach it unwantedly….

Of course, the existence of the P.N.X. is just sailor’s yarn. An old wives’ tale. A story to send a shiver down the spine of children around the campfire:
“Don’t ask questions about Captain Narrowbelt, don’t talk about the island, don’t look for the harbor, or the P.N.X. will get you!”

However, one rumor concerning the Brotherhood persists: next to said poor souls who had searched for the island or triumphed to reveal their secrets, one always found, besides two small snake bites on the neck, the sign of the P.N.X.: crossed arrow with snake, skull and rum. 

Every member of the Brotherhood, it is known, wears the distinctive mark of the Port Narrow Executive hidden on his body.

The skull is the symbol of the brotherhood’s oath to the death, the rum testifies to Port Narrow’s wealth, the arrow always shows the right way to the harbor and the snake is the unmistakable warning for all those who are not welcome.